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Posted By: MAVelazquez23 Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/04/2020 7:08 PM
Studies found a drug called Remdesivir which might actually help to finding a cure to COVID-19. The new drug seems to speed up recovery from the coronavirus by 30%, which is really helpful. Patients who have received Remdesivir seemed to leave the hospital four days earlier than patients who got a placebo. It's still not a definite cure, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

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Posted By: davion Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/04/2020 10:52 PM
I seen that to
Posted By: Qua Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/05/2020 3:18 PM
Finding the new cure can save many lives and help stop the spread
Posted By: monte Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/05/2020 5:02 PM
I think the new drug Remdesivir would help more people get better faster There a lot of cases here we need to get back to normal and fast i don't to walk around all day everyday with a mask over my face.
Posted By: Jesus Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/06/2020 5:09 AM
Here's a thought though, would they have enough for most of the patients or only for the ones in actual need of it? I would see this drug being a definitive step forward to finally stoping this outbreak.
Posted By: seth Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/06/2020 6:41 PM
I think that this is a step in the right direction but not the whole answer. I am glad it seems to be helping people get better faster but we need something that will stop people from getting sick.
Posted By: Zeke Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/06/2020 9:22 PM
I choose this article beacause, scientists have been looking for a possible cure for a while and this could be a cure for most people.
Posted By: Tabitha Re: Ending the Coronavirus? - 05/06/2020 11:25 PM
I also picked this article. It draws attention due to it's title. It helps to educate people as to what cures are being made. I don't believe that a 100% cure has been made, however many people recover from it without any "cure." This will hopefully speed up the healing process. According to the article, it only made a 2 day difference. I guess that's some form of progress though, right?
Posted By: awessells Need for more ventilators - 05/07/2020 2:05 PM

I choose this article because of how many cases the shore has, it's going to get a point where hospitals start running out of hands to help because they have to bag patients, due to all the ventilators being used. This way you are using Ambu bags that are being controlled by a machine, that can ventilate 2 people at a time and still filter the air. That way hands of other employees can be helping others at the time.
Posted By: davion Re: Need for more ventilators - 05/14/2020 1:42 PM
i think the medicine will make it stop or decrease.
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