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Theme: What should the next school year look like?

With the importance of social distancing during the pandemic, what will the new normal look like for our schools?

Think about it. Is it even possible to keep a six foot distance between desks in a classroom of 20 computers? How would lunch work?

Here are two ideas to consider.

Option 1: Have an A day/B day schedule, where the year rolls along with alternating sets of students. Half of the student population would go to school on A day, the other half of the student population would go to school on B day. This would effectively cut the size of every class in half, making social distancing more possible.

Option 2: The elementary school children need the most hands on help right now. Middle and High school students are more mature, and can better adapt to online classes. All of the middle and high school buildings could be used as elementary schools so that our youngest kids can get the start they need. This would also help fill a child-care void for parents who need to work.

What are your thoughts? Where do you stand on this topic? Do you have another idea for us to consider? Support your answer!
I think there both great idea but both of them have there downfalls. Such as option 1 there's not much room in the school for all of us to be 6 feet apart. and option 2 is great for the elementary schools but not all the high schoolers are mature either
I feel like option 1 would be best only because some students require the extra help from a teacher in school or some students learn better while in a class with others.
I'd go along with option A as if the school chose to use option B, students wouldn't take the classes seriously and could just cheat there way around assignments as there is no teacher looking after them. Option 1 would is the better choice, but that would mean that the school days will be longer for teachers and take more time.
next year will probably be a lot longer because of covid-19
I feel both options have their own ups and downs for one not all kids are even paying attention to the online classes, and you can only be so distant from one another in a school environment its just a tough situation overall and its gonna be hard to overcome for right now, but if i had to decide o would more side with option one that at least not all students would be there at the same time.
Well honesty on option 2 on online classes students could cheat and like teachers aren't looking while we're taking a quiz or during other classwork so i would agree with option 1. We would also have to be six feet apart but when we are switching classes we can't be six feet apart but like both options have up and downs.
Well I think that option 1 is the best to do because everybody is not mature enough to do option 2 and just like elementary school some high school and middle school learns better in person then online not knowing how the teacher reacts or thinks the best way to do like math or your class precisely.
i personal like option 1 i think its a good idea
Option 1 seems to be the better option, but they both have their downfalls. Online school sucks and I feel all students no matter the age should get the same learning opportunity and for our seniors I would want them to get their senior year next year not have to do online and this year be the last year some of them got to see their friends. Social distancing will be hard in any situation
Yea I agree, when using online classes people are more likely to cheat and not take things seriously.
Either way, both options are not the most ideal, and I agree with you that both have their downfalls.
Good discussion here! So we've talked about Option 1 and 2...what about other options? What are other school districts going to do? Do some googling, or come up with an idea of your own!
Both Option 1 and 2 are reasonable giving the circumstances. I´m thinking maybe we can build new buildings in order to be able to all learn or we can also remodel the abandoned schools and send students to the school they live closest to. Either way things won´t be the same for a long time and no one is gonna be happy with whatever solution accomack county decides.
High schools and middle schools should be used as elementary schools to help elementary students catch up with their work.
I think that option one would be the best for everyone, as some students can't learn without having a teacher explain it to them in person. I think another option would be to remodel schools to be able to accommodate this, such as putting Plexiglass up in places that students would be considered "too close". Or maybe have all the students' temperatures taken before entering. Maybe have a sheet of paper students must fill out saying that they haven't had symptoms. If a student is suspected to have covid, they should be sent home immediately and have an online substitute for classes, and not be counted absent.
This would be a good, yet time consuming idea.
I like the idea of an A day/B day, but will our school be able to support this option? Having an A day/B day will allow students to receive hands on direct instruction instead of learning online. Some kids don´t do well with virtual learning. If students are able to attend classes, then the teachers can actually see if they are doing the work. With virtual learning, how do the teacher know for sure that the students are actually doing the work or if someones else is doing it for them.
While both option are good but both can be bad because some kids need hand on learning all week to understand something or some work better in large group.
I think that the next school year will look like a version of option one. Some students don't have good enough internet to do all-year online learning, and other students just won't do the online classes. One way, option one is better is that students get in-person learning. But this could all go out the window if there's a resurgence of the virus in the fall.
think that option 1 is the best to do because everybody is not good enough to do option 2
Haha right, I think most students could not not cheat.
elementary schoolers can do easy work at home in my opinion
Option 1 is honestly a better choice for reopening the schools again and getting society into motion again. I prefer this since some students would feel more comfortable in a less crowded environment and give everyone a chance to speak up or answer.
Originally Posted by Ronaldo
elementary schoolers can do easy work at home in my opinion

Now Ronaldo, don't forget that one of the problems we, as a society, are facing is that of child care. Even though the elementary work is easier, who would sit there to redirect them back to their work, or explain the directions? All good points, and I agree. Just throwing another idea out there.
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