If anyone is interested in this, it would be a fun opportunity! Let me know!

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The CARE (Cybersecurity in Application, Research and Education) Lab at Temple University is hosting the FIRST ever Social Engineering (SE) Penetration Testing Competition COMPLETELY ONLINE this summer in light of the covid-19 pandemic!

Social engineering (SE) is a technique used by cybercriminals to psychologically manipulate individuals into disclosing sensitive information (passwords) and providing unauthorized access (downloading and executing malware files). Penetration testers are tasked with simulating targeted attacks on a company’s system to determine any weaknesses in their environment.

It can be hard to practice pen tests on someone or an organization as it involves ethical and legal issues. The SE Pen Test Competition allows students to experience pen testing in a safe and ethical way.

Your team will be “hired” to conduct a social engineering penetration test on the CARE Lab and its (current) employees! Your pen test will include each of the three areas below. A strong pen test will demonstrate the effective connection of these three areas. Teams will submit a formal report of their findings and make security recommendations.

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