How would you like to win a 3D Printer? The contest below would require 3D modeling. As a student, you can get a FREE license for Autodesk Inventor. Just sign up with your school email address.

You can also use TinkerCAD to create your designs.


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Contest: Everyday necessities for life during a pandemic is launching its fourth designer contest.

With the current situation regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 and all the related restrictions, we believe that the 3D printer can produce a lot of different things that are missing in the current situation or do not exist at all.

Apparently, we are mostly going to remain indoors in the upcoming months and spend a lot of time with our kids and other family members. Again, this theme is very broad and open-ended. We hope that it will inspire everyone to come up with something interesting and share it with the rest of the community.

Let’s use this opportunity to employ 3D modeling and printing for both entertainment and education. We offer the following topics, maybe you come up with something new, or finally bring to life an idea which you postponed for a long time. Stay creative and cabin fever won’t stand a chance!

  • Everyday life necessities – The main goal is to design and print simple household things that might run out during quarantine or to save you from a potentially unsafe trip to the store (and risking infection). For example clothespins, pill organizers, handles, holders, door opening tools or tools for press buttons without the hand touches the surface, etc.
  • Interactive toys – for example board games, puzzles, jigsaws, building block kits, etc.
  • Educational items – for example, abacus, letters of the alphabet, various illustrative models, etc.

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