WASP shares open source processes for production of personalized PPE masks and helmets

WASP is now sharing an entire process that, starting from a 3D face scan, allows you to create and customize a mask for each operator. The material used is PCL (polycaprolactone). It is a biomaterial that can remain in contact with the skin. The masks were 3D printed using Delta WASP 4070. After designing a basic model that follows facial features just like a second skin, WASP’s goal was to make the mask perfectly ergonomic, which was achieved using Blender software. The mask can be disinfected and used several times, while an interchangeable filter must be inserted in its central part. It takes about four hours of printing to create a mask that perfectly adheres to the face eliminating irritations caused by extensive use.

WASP releases the project as open source. Instructions and .stl files for download are available here. WASP used photogrammetry as a scanning method since it can be performed using a mobile phone. If necessary, a manual laser or structured light 3D scanner can also be used.

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