Rowan Mask (v3 & v4) Instructions
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If you're using the Rowan University Mask v3 or v4, please see Rowan University's instructions here.

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Montana Mask Instructions

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To fit the elastic, hold the elastic from the center of the strip and pull it to roughly the shape you'll need to fit over your head. Pull the elastic behind the mask, and test the fit. Once the fit is good, tie each end of the elastic to secure.

This information can also be found on I'm duplicating it here in case their site becomes unavailable.

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A demonstration on how you can turn a one-time-use surgical mask into multiple surgical masks! Note: with this filter, the mask only functions as a surgical type mask. N95 filter material was required in our tests for this mask to pass an N95 fit test.

Dusty Richardson, MD shows how the Montana Mask can be better shaped to your face with hot water.

A demonstration on how to clean and reuse your Montana Mask.

Gasket Installation

A how-to for installing additional nose piece gasket.

PPE Walkthrough

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