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Router Setup


To provide wireless access to the sound mixer in the auditorium using an iPad.


  • Cell Phones use the 2.4ghz range, and once the auditorium is filled with people, the 2.4ghz band becomes overly saturated. This causes the iPad to lose connectivity.
  • The iPad periodically loses connectivity when a notification happens.


  • Install a router to create a 5ghz only network for the mixer.
  • Secure/obscure the router using a wifi password AND a hidden SSID
  • Test iPad connection from various points in the auditorium.
  • Setup “Guided Access” mode for the m200 app. This will stop the iPad from receiving notifications while connected to the mixer.


  • Set router IP address to
  • Disable DHCP on router
  • Disable 2.4ghz Radio on router
  • Set 5ghz wireless name to: AHSMixer
  • Hide SSID
  • Wifi password: we#j0nwe#j0n


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