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Mr. Matthews' Page

This is my page. Here, I can take notes on my projects!

Neverwinter Nights

Pack Hunters


  • Make wolves neutral by default. This allows more control over the AI by keeping the combat system out of the equation.
  • A lone wolf may choose to follow or stalk the PC..keeping its distance.
AI Modification
  • Use the creature wizard to create a new NPC. (This will setup all of the default AI)
    • IMPORTANT - When the wizard asks to name the new creature, use the intended TAG instead. (This hard codes the creature's resref, and sets the creature's Tag (Which is convenient.) You can edit the name later.
  • Read the comments in the OnSpawn event for the new NPC.
    • Set the variable (int X2_USERDEFINED_ONSPAWN_EVENTS = 3) to fire both pre and post-spawn events.
    • Edit the OnUserDefined event, and immediately save it as a new file. This customized file will be used to control the behavior of the NPC.
      • Add this library to the top of your OnUserDefined script. (paste it right after the header comments)
        • #include “x0_i0_anims”
  • READ (Don't save any changes to this file!) the file NW_C2_DEFAULT9. In it, you'll find commands to unlock specific NPC behaviors. Copy/Paste these commands into your customized OnUserDefined script.


“What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems… there’s no law of physics preventing them. ” - Michio Kaku

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